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12 Days of Christmas Candle Collection

$1,500 TTD

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Welcome to the world of RAY Christmas. 
This limited edition box is a gift to your senses, a journey through the scents of the season, and a way to create unforgettable moments with loved ones. Whether you're decorating your tree, wrapping gifts, hosting a festive feast, or simply cosying up together, our candles will be there to fill your space with the true spirit of Christmas.
Happy Holidays from RAY. 

1 ~ Floral, Cinnamon, Plum
2 ~ Persimmon, Sage, Mint
3 ~ Amber, Plum, Woody
4 ~ Fir, Cypress, Mint
5 ~ Pear, Honey, Sandalwood
6 ~ Woody, Vanilla, Frankincense 
7 ~ Pomegranate, Amber, Plum 
8 ~ Roasted Pecan, Peppercorn, Santal
9 ~ Berries, Peppermint, Cinnamon 
10 ~ Pine, Fir, Citrus
11 ~ Orange, Frankincense, Neroli
12 ~ Currant, Geranium, Cranberry

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