RAY Candles & Scents

RAY Discovery Candle Set

$285 TTD

Our Discovery Candle Collections are the perfect way to discover your favourite RAY fragrances.

Each set includes 5 mini candles. Choose our set of mild, relaxing fragrances or decide on our bold, invigorating fragrance set. 

Our Mild Set Includes:

  • REVIVE - peppermint, cucumber, green tea, sandalwood
  • CLARITY - lavender, sage, eucalyptus
  • UNWIND - coconut, eucalyptus, fig, soft musk
  • EXPLORE - sea salt, jasmine, violet
  • RETREAT - amber, coconut, peach

Our Bold Set Includes:

  • BLOOM - hibiscus, gardenia, green tea, peony
  • JOY - pomegranate, sea salt, oud
  • DREAM - coconut, ginger, bamboo, bergamot
  • ESSENCE - vanilla, spice, amber
  • WILD - berries, ylang ylang, citrus

Made with pure natural wax, phthalate-free fragrances & essential oils.


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